Is not my word like as a fire? saith the Lord; and like a hammer that breaketh the rock in pieces
Jeremiah 23:29

Hi Everyone!

I won't take very much of your time but, I have to say some things that the Lord is dealing with me about. I want you all to keep me in your prayers. The Lord is molding me and I am trying to deal with it the best I can.

Tonight while in church. The Lord pointed something out to me. The preacher was talking about a girl that had a lot of hurt and anger built up over her dad abusing her as a child. When she seen the house that all of this had happened in she threw rocks at it. When she ran out of rocks her friend that was with her said "Sometimes there is not enough rocks."

What I just told you was off of the movie Forrest Gump but those words "Sometimes there is not enough rocks." Hit me in the face.

When my oldest daughter was one years old. I was raped while she was in the other room. For so long I thought I had brought it on myself because NO I wasn't living right and YES it had "started" as a mutual thing BUT then things got bad and it started hurting and I asked him to stop and he wouldn't....

This last a very long time and the next morning I could barely hold my daughter. So many times I thanked God that it was me and not her. God put something on my heart tonight. No, I'm not comfortable with it. It hurts but sometimes with pain comes something better. He told me that I had never prayed for the guy that raped me.

He told me that I had never forgiven him and he wanted me to pray for him. WOW that hurt but you know what. I do forgive him now....Jesus loves him despite of what he did to me and if Jesus lives in me then I am suppose to love him too despite of what he did to me.

So I'm screaming to the heavens and whoever is listening and reading right now. I FORGIVE HIM. GOD HAVE MERCY ON HIS SOUL. BRING HIM TO DELIVERANCE. Forgive him Father. Let him know your love and your grace because even he is not beyond your abundance of grace.

Ya'll please pray for me. God is doing a work in me. Sometimes we experience pain from the molding but the pain is temporary but the GOOD work that the Potter does is not and I want to thank you for time and ask that you pray for me! I will pray for you. If you need prayer please email me or leave comments below. If this has somehow helped you please leave word of encouragement! I love you and Go with God tonight!





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