Is not my word like as a fire? saith the Lord; and like a hammer that breaketh the rock in pieces
Jeremiah 23:29
Today, I was faced with a one syllable question that stopped me completely in my tracks; because of the situation it was asked in and because of the reality of it.
I was suppose to deliver some flowers to a friend today. However, she couldn't make it.  So I drove to the doors of Wal-Mart to allow my husband to go inside and change our 8 month old daughter. 

While I am sitting there waiting I am asking God to help me decide what to do with the flowers I had brought. I knew if they sat in the heat of the car that it could cause them to wither up and die. So, I'm praying and listening.. and I just felt my spirit tell me to "Give them away".

So, I see this elderly man walking in to the store and I'm saying; "Lord, if he is the one allow him to forget something and head back to his car."  The man does exactly that as soon as I pray it! I get the man's attention and show him the flowers and ask him if he knew anyone that needs healing or just someone that  would enjoy them and be blessed? He says; "That he has a young boy that is sick but, he didn't think that he was old enough to appreciate flowers". and he politely rejects them and walks away.
So, I'm dumb-founded! I am praying again and this elderly couple I see walking out of the store kind of felt like a good way to go. So, I'm getting out of the car and I walk up to the man's wife and ask her  if she knows anyone that might need healing...and BEFORE I can get the next words out, the lady's husband scoffs and stalks off as if he is angry about the question being asked!

By this time I am really starting to get discouraged. I keep thinking, "God, why are so many people rejecting a gift...and it's a FREE gift!"

So, now I take it a new direction. I get back in my car. I'm waiting and praying and I ask God; "Let the person I am suppose to give these to walk right up beside my car and I will get out and give the flowers to whoever it is." 

Some how my spirit lets me know that I am looking for a woman. Five minutes or so goes by and  I see this lady coming in my side mirror. She looks a little dis-hearted and she is on the phone and I hear her say "So, they are fighting again."  I know that is my que because, I know the power in healing is not just for the physical. It is for emotional healing, spiritual healing, and so many other type of healings!
I stop the lady "I'm feeling rude at this point because she is on the phone"
I say, "I want to give you these flowers and they are free. If you or someone you know would enjoy them I want you to have them."

She looks at me kind of puzzled and says; "Why?" I am awe-struck by this question. I have been rejected not once, but twice, and now the lady I am trying to give this "free" gift to is asking me "WHY?"

 So, I look at her and say the only things that come to mind. "Well, I believe everyone needs a gift of happiness and joy brought to their life every now and then." It's a very simple response but, it's the one I gave.

She looks at me and I'm a little embarrassed because I'm hoping I said the things that God would want me to say and right about the time it starts getting really uncomfortable to me, she said,"That's unusual!" and she reaches out and embraces me!

I get back into the car and I am completely humbled by this experience. This world is so surrounded in corruption, evil, and "nothing is free mentality." That a small gift of free flowers is hard for someone to understand and so they reject it. 

As I am writing this I am thinking of Christ! He offers that free gift to us.
I can just imagine how dumb-founded He feels when so many reject a free gift of salvation that He TOTALLY and COMPLETELY paid the price for.  I had began this message thinking I was going to write about Hagar from the bible but, now I know God wanted me to tell you the story that is happening now! 

When Christ tries to give us this gift we are SO much like those people that I tried to give the flowers to today. The first excuse made is  "I don't think I am good enough for it"  The other gets angry and offended by the offer and because we are afraid to step out; "We follow the example of the one that scoffs at the free gift." 

Sometimes, the free gift is accepted. If you will notice it done so with great caution. Asking questions the whole way, "Why?" The other statement that struck me today was her response to my answer. "That's unusual." 
I was thinking "You're right God is Unusual! He is Extraordinary! He sent His only Son to be that free gift of salvation! Even though He knew that there would be few that answered the call. Those few were so precious that the gift to those few was PRICELESS!"

I want you to remember that God loves you! He knows your not perfect. He knows that you question Him and He also knows that sometimes there is doubt! While He knows this He STILL loves you! So please accept His free gift to you! It's a gift of Healing, Restoration, Salvation, Love, and SO much more!

 I love you guys! I hope this message meant as much to you as it did me! Remember to leave your prayer request and feed back below! I would love to hear from you!

Before you leave I would also like to tell you that I received a symbol of a "heart" and a "circle" today and I did some research and looked up the meaning of those symbols in a biblical sense and I want you to Check This Out! This was absolutely amazing!
In both Hebrew and Greek culture, the heart was thought of more as a symbol of ultimate purpose and motivation. Emotional concepts, like affection, were associated more with gastrointestinal organs. Hebrew symbolism used the body as an analogy of the whole person. The strength of a person was their outward behavior - what they do WITH their body. The conscious mind, in that culture did not as easily separate thought, emotion and volition like we do. They recognized the conscious mind was engaged in thoughts, feelings and intentions but they tended to see these as different facets of the conscious mind. The heart is the organ more at the core of the body. That culture used the heart as a symbol of
the inner man, the deepest thoughts, the deepest feelings, the deepest
intentions. So deep at times they were incomprehensible, and in some ways, unknowable and difficult to observe - known only by God.So the heart is, in that language, a word that represents the core or ultimate intention, ultimate value, ultimate motivation. These were also analogous to concentric circles. The inner man is center-most. This is the heart. Surrounding the heart is a larger circle called the mind. The mind included all conscience thoughts, decisions and feelings. The outermost circle was the body where all the behavior took place. Spirituality starts at the center and works it way out, hence the admonishment to love God with all your heart (the very core of your being), all your mind (the most accessible part of your conscious life) and all your strength (the behavior that flows from the heart and mind).Early Greek was not too different, especially the dialect of Koine Greek spoken in Israel and in which much of the New Testament was written. So in the bible, the word heart included all the facets of conscious process of intent, thought and feeling but at a level so deep it is ultimate and less accessible. It does not mean "emotions"
the way we use the word today
God bless you and Thank you so much for blessing me with your time!


03/05/2013 11:50am

Awesome post thanks for sharing this. Yes, it is amazing how something can be free and you still don't have takers. Christ did give us a free gift, the best gift that anyone can ever give us. He gave us eternal life to spend with our creator, our Father. We have to remember the world always views things much different than what God view things.


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