Is not my word like as a fire? saith the Lord; and like a hammer that breaketh the rock in pieces
Jeremiah 23:29

"It's Happening Now!" That is the text I kept receiving from several family members and friends last night in my dream. I usually don't put a lot of thought into dreams but this one was very significant and very real to me. So, I am just going to write this to you and if any of you have had similar dreams please feel free to share them below.

It started off with myself, my two young children, some friends that I use to know, and a lot of others that I didn't know. We were hiding in a house, bunker, or something. I felt like I was observing everything that was going on around me. Old friends that I use to know were still drinking. No one around me was focused on the Lord. Everyone was really scared accept for the few select people. I'm not sure why they weren't scared. I think it was because maybe they didn't understand the gravity of what was going on.

The next thing that happen was that the bunker or home was found. I don't know how they found us in the dream but they started confiscating anything personal that we had. That includes the people's alcohol that they were drinking. They starting marking us or tattooing us on the foreheads and the thing that came to my mind in the dream was Holocaust. If I'm not mistaken they were marked like cattle and put in concentration camps.(A symbol/picture of a bar code was brought to my mind in the dream.) We were then separated I think according to our numbers into different districts. My oldest daughter was taken from me and placed somewhere else so that I couldn't find her. The reason I think this happened and this is something significant, is that Family Together is strong and powerful but when you break something down and tear it apart especially by using something that means a lot to someone, It too becomes weak. From what I understand the person that was over the country in this dream (not sure who it was) had promised so much to everyone. Had painted a picture of a utopia. When in reality it was not! Throughout the dream the words "He's a Liar." Kept repeating to me.

Something else that I felt was significant was the fact that the alcohol was taken from my friends that drink. What this meant to me is that whoever this ruler or president was in the dream. He would have no respecter of person, he would be filled with hatred towards human life, he did not care who you were, sinner or christian it doesn't matter! So what I am going to say to you is if you are living in sin and you think the devil is going to be your friend. THINK TWICE. He has come to steal, kill, and destroy. Don't think your protected! That is the illusion that is given to you. The only ones that are safe are the ones that have Christ in their heart and have the hope of returning to The Father!

Okay, myself, my youngest daughter, and someone else were took to a house. When I got to the house you could tell everyone including myself had expected something of perfection, something far greater. This house had walls that were built unevenly, a dirt floor, some inside furniture, and some necessities. BUT there was no roof. That signified to me that everything we did would be monitored and watched. There would be no privacy, no sense of security, and if your wondering, YES there was one world currency in the dream and anyone that didn't deny Christ would be killed! When I seen the house "He is a Liar!" came to me again and I started receiving text from family, from friends, from everyone "It's happening now." Every text I received had those words in it. I was so sorrowful and mournful. All I wanted to do was find my daughter and go home to Christ. We would be forced to deny Christ and participate in sin….How horrible! I kept crying to God in the dream. How evil this man is!

Finally, towards the end of the dream I left with a man and went somewhere. I'm not sure if it was a store or what it was. This man to me was an escort, someone that would take me everywhere I went. He was in a black and white suit. I wasn't afraid of him though for some reason. We got to the store and I seen my oldest daughter with this woman. I ran up to her and started crying and holding her and telling her that we would see each other soon. I had to reassure her everything would be okay to just hold on. Then right after that I seen this most beautiful waterfall outside the store and there was a big beautiful rainbow that stretched as far as I could see and I was reminded of God's promise to come back and get us. He is saying HOLD ON to my living water! Endure but for a time! I'm coming back! I remember you! I love you just Hold on! I will not forget and I will not leave you!

I felt like I was supposed to share this dream with you and everyone! Those of you that are feeling hopeless! PLEASE hold on! You don't want to be here when the antichrist rules! He will rule with an iron fist! He does not care about you! SO those of you in sin! GIVE IT TO CHRIST! I am begging you! Hell was never meant for you! But, that is where you will go because of your choice to!! Give it to Christ! Repent! He loves you and you don't want to live with the monster that was in my dreams!

For those of you that are in Christ! Take this as a message to hold on!!! Get in His Word because that your strength! Fellowship one with another because those that don't fellowship are weak because they are not joined together with their family, their church family! Those within the body of Christ that stay together will be strong! PRAISE GOD because He is awesome and He remembers His promises! It's ALL in God's time! Love God because He loves you and spread the Living Hope and Word about Christ to everyone!!! He doesn't want anyone left behind!!!

I love you guys and I hope this meant as much to you and it did me! I love you! Go with God





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