Is not my word like as a fire? saith the Lord; and like a hammer that breaketh the rock in pieces
Jeremiah 23:29

"It's Happening Now!" That is the text I kept receiving from several family members and friends last night in my dream. I usually don't put a lot of thought into dreams but this one was very significant and very real to me. So, I am just going to write this to you and if any of you have had similar dreams please feel free to share them below.

It started off with myself, my two young children, some friends that I use to know, and a lot of others that I didn't know. We were hiding in a house, bunker, or something. I felt like I was observing everything that was going on around me. Old friends that I use to know were still drinking. No one around me was focused on the Lord. Everyone was really scared accept for the few select people. I'm not sure why they weren't scared. I think it was because maybe they didn't understand the gravity of what was going on.

The next thing that happen was that the bunker or home was found. I don't know how they found us in the dream but they started confiscating anything personal that we had. That includes the people's alcohol that they were drinking. They starting marking us or tattooing us on the foreheads and the thing that came to my mind in the dream was Holocaust. If I'm not mistaken they were marked like cattle and put in concentration camps.(A symbol/picture of a bar code was brought to my mind in the dream.) We were then separated I think according to our numbers into different districts. My oldest daughter was taken from me and placed somewhere else so that I couldn't find her. The reason I think this happened and this is something significant, is that Family Together is strong and powerful but when you break something down and tear it apart especially by using something that means a lot to someone, It too becomes weak. From what I understand the person that was over the country in this dream (not sure who it was) had promised so much to everyone. Had painted a picture of a utopia. When in reality it was not! Throughout the dream the words "He's a Liar." Kept repeating to me.

Something else that I felt was significant was the fact that the alcohol was taken from my friends that drink. What this meant to me is that whoever this ruler or president was in the dream. He would have no respecter of person, he would be filled with hatred towards human life, he did not care who you were, sinner or christian it doesn't matter! So what I am going to say to you is if you are living in sin and you think the devil is going to be your friend. THINK TWICE. He has come to steal, kill, and destroy. Don't think your protected! That is the illusion that is given to you. The only ones that are safe are the ones that have Christ in their heart and have the hope of returning to The Father!

Okay, myself, my youngest daughter, and someone else were took to a house. When I got to the house you could tell everyone including myself had expected something of perfection, something far greater. This house had walls that were built unevenly, a dirt floor, some inside furniture, and some necessities. BUT there was no roof. That signified to me that everything we did would be monitored and watched. There would be no privacy, no sense of security, and if your wondering, YES there was one world currency in the dream and anyone that didn't deny Christ would be killed! When I seen the house "He is a Liar!" came to me again and I started receiving text from family, from friends, from everyone "It's happening now." Every text I received had those words in it. I was so sorrowful and mournful. All I wanted to do was find my daughter and go home to Christ. We would be forced to deny Christ and participate in sin….How horrible! I kept crying to God in the dream. How evil this man is!

Finally, towards the end of the dream I left with a man and went somewhere. I'm not sure if it was a store or what it was. This man to me was an escort, someone that would take me everywhere I went. He was in a black and white suit. I wasn't afraid of him though for some reason. We got to the store and I seen my oldest daughter with this woman. I ran up to her and started crying and holding her and telling her that we would see each other soon. I had to reassure her everything would be okay to just hold on. Then right after that I seen this most beautiful waterfall outside the store and there was a big beautiful rainbow that stretched as far as I could see and I was reminded of God's promise to come back and get us. He is saying HOLD ON to my living water! Endure but for a time! I'm coming back! I remember you! I love you just Hold on! I will not forget and I will not leave you!

I felt like I was supposed to share this dream with you and everyone! Those of you that are feeling hopeless! PLEASE hold on! You don't want to be here when the antichrist rules! He will rule with an iron fist! He does not care about you! SO those of you in sin! GIVE IT TO CHRIST! I am begging you! Hell was never meant for you! But, that is where you will go because of your choice to!! Give it to Christ! Repent! He loves you and you don't want to live with the monster that was in my dreams!

For those of you that are in Christ! Take this as a message to hold on!!! Get in His Word because that your strength! Fellowship one with another because those that don't fellowship are weak because they are not joined together with their family, their church family! Those within the body of Christ that stay together will be strong! PRAISE GOD because He is awesome and He remembers His promises! It's ALL in God's time! Love God because He loves you and spread the Living Hope and Word about Christ to everyone!!! He doesn't want anyone left behind!!!

I love you guys and I hope this meant as much to you and it did me! I love you! Go with God



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Like adamant stone, harder than flint, I have made your forehead; do not be afraid of them, nor be dismayed at their looks, though they are a rebellious house.
Ezekiel 3:9
When we look at the word "rebellious" we often associate it with someone that doesn't know God. The Lord has changed my perspective recently on the meaning of "rebellious".

When I look at the word "rebellious" I think of a child that is acting out. Not only do I think of a "child" I think of a "child" that has been taught right from wrong. This "child"  does well most of the time, acknowledging the things that he or she has been taught. Sometimes, however, this "child" acts out by not heeding the parent's instruction and fails to apply the instruction to his or her life.

An example of this is the story of Sarah and Hagar. 

Hagar,  is  Abram and Sarai's  hand-maid or slave. She is an Egyptian so not only is she a slave but, she is in a foreign land. As I am thinking about her situation I can imagine how home-sick she must be. How alone she must feel! How alone she thought she was.

Abram and Sarai have been promised a child by God. Sarai is becoming impatient and "rebellious" because she wants  a child so bad and she has lost faith in what God has told her.  She tells Abram to take Hagar and to conceive a child with her. When Hagar conceives she despises Sarai for what she has done. Sarai blame's Abram for what has happened and at this point I think Abram probably "throws his hands up" and tells Sarai to do with Hagar as she wishes.

Sarai deals with Hagar badly. She mistreats her! How can someone who had no fault in the circumstance be done so wrong?  I believe Sarai was jealous that Hagar could provide a child for her husband. She knows that she was wrong for not listening to God. He had promised Sarai a child but, because she had taken matters into her own hands the situation had gotten out of control.
They had tails like scorpions, and there were stings in their tails. Their power was to hurt men five months.
Revelation 9:10
When God give me this scripture in Revelation I had no clue what I was looking up. I just knew that Revelation's is about end times so what could this scripture possibly have to do with Hagar and Sarai.  Let me show you a little about what God gave me with this scripture. 

"Tail's like scorpions" represented to me someone's mouth or tongue.  "The sting of those tails" represented the hurtful words that come out of the mouth of someone who is angry and bitter.  The word's themselves  have the power to hurt men for five months.

Have you ever said something that you wish you could take back? Maybe, in the middle of a disagreement or maybe you let the fleshly side of you be mean and hateful?  

There is death and life in the tongue and we should be very careful what we speak to others.  Not only do we cause bitterness from our words and actions but, we then take two steps back. We have to repent for the wrongs that we have done and set things right with God and the person we have mis-treated.

Hagar fled her mistress because of how she was treated. She fled into the wilderness and when she came upon a stream an "Angel of the Lord" found her in her despair.  He ask her "Where did you come from and Where are you going?"  Hagar  answered the question about where she had came from " I'm fleeing from my mistress Sarai."  However, she never answered where she was going. Most of the time when people flea from hurtful situations they do not have a destination.  They just feel the need to get away from whatever is causing the hurt.

First, the angel tells Hagar "Go back and submit to Sarai".  Why would he tell her to go back to where she was being treated harshly?  One, she was in the wilderness with no where else to go and for her to receive enough nourishment for her and her unborn child she had to go back to where she was. It might not of been the most comfortable thing to do but, in the long run it would pay off.

Have you ever asked God that question before? Why must I do this Lord? I don't like it. I'm not comfortable. Sometimes, to get where we are going things aren't always comfortable. God sees the things ahead of you while you see in the current circumstance. Keep that in mind the next time things get uncomfortable to you!

Next, the angel told her that  "I will so increase your descendants that they will be too numerous to count." He also said; " You are with child. You will name him Ishmael for the Lord has heard your misery."

The LORD  had heard her misery! Praise God! Even though her circumstance was horrible to her, God was with her. She was not alone! If you feel today that you are alone that no one hears you. I want you to know that God does. You may not can see past the circumstance your in but God sees you in your circumstance and he will walk with you through your trial. He will hold your hand and He will celebrate with you when you come out VICTORIUS! He is not only your God in the Bad times but He is God in the Good times too!

The Lord had given Hagar a new purpose in life. To care for this new life Ishmael that is growing inside of her! The well in the area that the "Angel of Lord" visited Hagar is named Beer Lahai Roi  after what Hagar said to the Angel  "You are the God who sees me" for she said "For I now see the one who sees me."

Hagar obeys and goes back to her mistress.  She gives birth to her son Ishmael. God had given her purpose in life to raise her child. Not just that but, she knew that her child had an important destiny and this also gave her purpose and courage to be obedient to God.

Despite returning to Sarai there was constant rivalry between the two women. I'm sure you can imagine the un-kind words shared between the two.

Fourteen years later God fulfills the promise in Sarai and she gave birth to a son named  Isaac. The rivalry and jealousy grew even more. Sarai wanted Isaac to be the heir of Abram. Eventually this turned into a huge confrontation and Sarai tells  Abram to cast Hagar and her son Ishmael out. Ishmael didn't help by mocking her son Isaac.

Abram did so but, with great hesitation. Something that I found amazing was that when he was sending them away he provided a gift of life (bread, water). This was to say that even though he wasn't there Hagar and her son were still under His protection! I know God had a hand in this area as well.

Hagar sets out into the desert with her son and I'm sure she is frightened but, I also believe she stepped out in faith. Eventually, the water runs out and her son is dying of thirst. She turns from her child and starts crying to the Lord and He hears them both!

"He is always there, Always listening!"  He opens her eyes to something she didn't see before "A WELL" I believe this was a well of great mercy and grace!  God not only provides instruction and discipline but he also provides encouragement and nourishment to us daily!
PRAISE the LORD! Blessed is the man who fears the LORD, Who delights greatly in His commandments. His descendant will be mighty on earth; The generation of the upright will be blessed Wealth and riches will be in his house, And his righteousness endures forever. Unto the upright there arises light in the darkness; He is gracious and full of compassion and righteous. A good man deals graciously and lends;  He will guide his affairs with discretion. Surely he will never be shaken; The righteous will be in everlasting remembrance. He will not be afraid of evil tidings; His heart is steadfast, trusting in the LORD. His heart is established; He will not be afraid, Until he sees his desire upon his enemies. He has dispersed abroad, He has given to the poor; His righteousness endures forever; His horn will be exalted with honor. The wicked will see it and be grieved; He will gnash his teeth and melt away; The desire of the wicked shall perish.
Psalms 112
In conclusion, I want you to realize that sometimes we will hear hurtful things from the people around us. We will sometimes flea from them into our own wilderness "depression". We will feel resentment towards them for hurting us with the negative things they say but, I want you to take into consideration ALL of these scriptures.  God is telling you "Their words and wickedness will pass away." He is telling you " Do not be dismayed at their looks". He is telling you to LOOK to him because His words are tender and sweet to the soul.  The wicked will pass away and be no more but, the righteous will live on forever with Him. 

I think about this story and I think about how God can cause your "enemies" to bless you. Sarai was a good woman at heart but, because of her rebellion against what God had told her it caused a rift in a relationship. However, I see how God turned it into a blessing for Hagar because, not only was she given her freedom from slavery. She was blessed with a child that would have descendents of many! He made her fruitful for her obedience to him. He provided a purpose for her and healing balm to the sting of Sarai's actions and words! He can do the same for you. 

Regardless of your situation. I want you to remember that God is there. Abide in his commandments. Seek after Him with ALL of your heart! He will conquer and lift you above those that speak negatively against you as long as you look to him. I know this because, no matter what comes against Truth, Truth always prevails! Be kind to those that hurt you and you can see a person transformed by God's love which is the ultimate healing balm to all! Look to God because He comforts the weary! He will quicken you in your situation and give you purpose for living even through the darkest of times!

I feel like this message was meant for someone in a really dark time and He is telling you to LOOK UP! I'm here! Reach out for me! I will lift you up! Don't give up and don't look at what the world says to you or about you! I say your wonderful and perfectly made! I will let my light shine into the darkness through you! Let me in! I WILL HELP YOU! Cry out  for me! I WILL hear you! I can provide a healing balm for whatever is  hurting you right now!

I hope this helped you! I know it has opened my eyes a lot! I'm going to close with a prayer and if you need prayer or need anything there is a comment box below. If you don't want anyone to know who you are you don't have to post under your name.  God knows what you need.

 I come to you humbly right now! My heart is crying out to you for someone that is hurting! Please hear my cry for them! Send them comfort! Send them your love and build a hedge of protection around them to keep whatever is hurting them away! Father I know that you know all things! I know that you know how to fix it and how to make things better so I pray that your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Father hear me tonight and please send your blessed assurance their way. I love you Father! I'm so thankful that you walk beside me and I give you the Glory!
In Jesus Name I Pray
Amen and Amen
Thank you for your time. God bless you!

Scripture references from NKJV Spirit-Filled Life Bible
Today, I was faced with a one syllable question that stopped me completely in my tracks; because of the situation it was asked in and because of the reality of it.
I was suppose to deliver some flowers to a friend today. However, she couldn't make it.  So I drove to the doors of Wal-Mart to allow my husband to go inside and change our 8 month old daughter. 

While I am sitting there waiting I am asking God to help me decide what to do with the flowers I had brought. I knew if they sat in the heat of the car that it could cause them to wither up and die. So, I'm praying and listening.. and I just felt my spirit tell me to "Give them away".

So, I see this elderly man walking in to the store and I'm saying; "Lord, if he is the one allow him to forget something and head back to his car."  The man does exactly that as soon as I pray it! I get the man's attention and show him the flowers and ask him if he knew anyone that needs healing or just someone that  would enjoy them and be blessed? He says; "That he has a young boy that is sick but, he didn't think that he was old enough to appreciate flowers". and he politely rejects them and walks away.
So, I'm dumb-founded! I am praying again and this elderly couple I see walking out of the store kind of felt like a good way to go. So, I'm getting out of the car and I walk up to the man's wife and ask her  if she knows anyone that might need healing...and BEFORE I can get the next words out, the lady's husband scoffs and stalks off as if he is angry about the question being asked!

By this time I am really starting to get discouraged. I keep thinking, "God, why are so many people rejecting a gift...and it's a FREE gift!"

So, now I take it a new direction. I get back in my car. I'm waiting and praying and I ask God; "Let the person I am suppose to give these to walk right up beside my car and I will get out and give the flowers to whoever it is." 

Some how my spirit lets me know that I am looking for a woman. Five minutes or so goes by and  I see this lady coming in my side mirror. She looks a little dis-hearted and she is on the phone and I hear her say "So, they are fighting again."  I know that is my que because, I know the power in healing is not just for the physical. It is for emotional healing, spiritual healing, and so many other type of healings!
I stop the lady "I'm feeling rude at this point because she is on the phone"
I say, "I want to give you these flowers and they are free. If you or someone you know would enjoy them I want you to have them."

She looks at me kind of puzzled and says; "Why?" I am awe-struck by this question. I have been rejected not once, but twice, and now the lady I am trying to give this "free" gift to is asking me "WHY?"

 So, I look at her and say the only things that come to mind. "Well, I believe everyone needs a gift of happiness and joy brought to their life every now and then." It's a very simple response but, it's the one I gave.

She looks at me and I'm a little embarrassed because I'm hoping I said the things that God would want me to say and right about the time it starts getting really uncomfortable to me, she said,"That's unusual!" and she reaches out and embraces me!

I get back into the car and I am completely humbled by this experience. This world is so surrounded in corruption, evil, and "nothing is free mentality." That a small gift of free flowers is hard for someone to understand and so they reject it. 

As I am writing this I am thinking of Christ! He offers that free gift to us.
I can just imagine how dumb-founded He feels when so many reject a free gift of salvation that He TOTALLY and COMPLETELY paid the price for.  I had began this message thinking I was going to write about Hagar from the bible but, now I know God wanted me to tell you the story that is happening now! 

When Christ tries to give us this gift we are SO much like those people that I tried to give the flowers to today. The first excuse made is  "I don't think I am good enough for it"  The other gets angry and offended by the offer and because we are afraid to step out; "We follow the example of the one that scoffs at the free gift." 

Sometimes, the free gift is accepted. If you will notice it done so with great caution. Asking questions the whole way, "Why?" The other statement that struck me today was her response to my answer. "That's unusual." 
I was thinking "You're right God is Unusual! He is Extraordinary! He sent His only Son to be that free gift of salvation! Even though He knew that there would be few that answered the call. Those few were so precious that the gift to those few was PRICELESS!"

I want you to remember that God loves you! He knows your not perfect. He knows that you question Him and He also knows that sometimes there is doubt! While He knows this He STILL loves you! So please accept His free gift to you! It's a gift of Healing, Restoration, Salvation, Love, and SO much more!

 I love you guys! I hope this message meant as much to you as it did me! Remember to leave your prayer request and feed back below! I would love to hear from you!

Before you leave I would also like to tell you that I received a symbol of a "heart" and a "circle" today and I did some research and looked up the meaning of those symbols in a biblical sense and I want you to Check This Out! This was absolutely amazing!
In both Hebrew and Greek culture, the heart was thought of more as a symbol of ultimate purpose and motivation. Emotional concepts, like affection, were associated more with gastrointestinal organs. Hebrew symbolism used the body as an analogy of the whole person. The strength of a person was their outward behavior - what they do WITH their body. The conscious mind, in that culture did not as easily separate thought, emotion and volition like we do. They recognized the conscious mind was engaged in thoughts, feelings and intentions but they tended to see these as different facets of the conscious mind. The heart is the organ more at the core of the body. That culture used the heart as a symbol of
the inner man, the deepest thoughts, the deepest feelings, the deepest
intentions. So deep at times they were incomprehensible, and in some ways, unknowable and difficult to observe - known only by God.So the heart is, in that language, a word that represents the core or ultimate intention, ultimate value, ultimate motivation. These were also analogous to concentric circles. The inner man is center-most. This is the heart. Surrounding the heart is a larger circle called the mind. The mind included all conscience thoughts, decisions and feelings. The outermost circle was the body where all the behavior took place. Spirituality starts at the center and works it way out, hence the admonishment to love God with all your heart (the very core of your being), all your mind (the most accessible part of your conscious life) and all your strength (the behavior that flows from the heart and mind).Early Greek was not too different, especially the dialect of Koine Greek spoken in Israel and in which much of the New Testament was written. So in the bible, the word heart included all the facets of conscious process of intent, thought and feeling but at a level so deep it is ultimate and less accessible. It does not mean "emotions"
the way we use the word today
God bless you and Thank you so much for blessing me with your time!

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